Release Notes: July 14, 2017 - 3.5.0 Follow

Features →

New Feature - Sessions

Allow customers to purchase a bulk number of services upfront and booked either all at once or over a period of time, as required. The number of sessions included can be a defined value or unlimited, and the expiry date for redemption can be set to X days/weeks/years.

Classes & courses can allow a full term to be paid in advance, it allows multi-pass visits or a combination of services. Sessions can also be used for promotional offers such as buy 5 get 1 free.

Now available in the United Kingdom

Naked Bookings is now available for businesses operating in the United Kingdom.


Fixes & Improvements →

Action Column - Services, Location, Staff & Resources

A button replaces the various action icons for easier navigation with a quick access to the edit function. A drop down menu contains secondary actions such as clone, view and delete.

Pencilled-In Bookings

‘Pencilled-In’ is the new default option for new bookings added via the diary. This prevents confirmation emails accidentally being sent when adding or moving bookings. Notifications can still be sent by selecting the confirmed booking option or selecting confirmed booking from an existing diary entry.

API Improvements

  • Pencilled-In Bookings:
    • Add Booking API - This endpoint will allow the creation of a Confirmed or Pencilled-In booking in NB
    • Booking notifications will not be sent to either Merchant or Customer for Pencilled-In bookings
    • Pencilled-In bookings can be confirmed later either from API or by clicking ‘Confirm Booking’ button in the event diary and can not be changed back to Pencilled-In once Confirmed
  • Add Payment - This endpoint will allow adding payment for any booking in NB.


  • When adding a service via the diary, a service location can be selected when two or more service locations are available
  • When adding a service via the diary, locations that have not been assigned to the service have been removed as a selectable option and only the hours of the assigned location(s) are displayed


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