Release Notes: July 25, 2017 - 3.6.0 Follow

Features →

New Feature - Google Calendar Integration

If you use Google Calendar, you can share your staff/resource diaries with Google Calendar to view and amend your bookings in one place.

Two-way sync allows you to display bookings in Google Calendar via your mobile or desktop for easy reference and also allows you to add Google Calendar Events. Events added via Google Calendar will automatically add a busy time in your Naked Bookings diary to prevent bookings at those times.

Get started with our Google Calendar setup guide.

Show Cancelled or Changed Bookings in Diary

Bookings that have been deleted or moved will be displayed in the original booking time-slot as a placeholder for easy reference in the event of the booking accidentally being moved or deleted. The transparent placeholder will also display a red cross for clear identification.


Cancelled or changed bookings can be removed entirely from the diary or reinstated by clicking on the placeholder to display the ticket.



Fixes & Improvements →

Pencilled-In Booking Notification

  • An email notification will not be sent to either customer or merchant if a Pencilled-In booking is cancelled.
  • Confirm button is hidden from Cancelled or Changed Pencilled-In booking diary ticket.



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