How to set up taxes Follow

Please note: You are required to set up taxes before you can make use of nabooki's inbuilt invoicing feature.


 Go to Setup > Taxes & Invoicing from the main menu.



Click on the TAXES tab.




To set up a tax in nabooki, click on ‘+Add New Tax’ to display the following screen. 



There are 4 required fields.

Tax name - Tax name such as ‘GST’.

Tax rate (%) - Percentage amount which needs to be applied on top of base price such as 10%.

Applicable to - You have options to apply this tax to all services or selected services.

Selected services - If ‘Selected Services’ was chosen in ‘Applicable to’, you will see a list of services to select on which this tax needs to be applied.


  To edit or delete a tax, click on Edit button under 'ACTION' column of that tax.




Delete - If Delete action is selected, click on Delete to confirm the action.



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