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The default data collected from your customers at the time of booking is their first name, last name, email address and mobile phone number. This data is collected and stored in your CRM for easy reference, reporting and marketing purposes.

Custom fields allow you to collect additional data such as dietary requirements, address, preferences or any other important including an entire registration or consent form if required.There are two ways on how to create custom fields. Please see screenshots below on how to add custom field.

Two ways on how to create Custom fields.

  • Go to Setup>Custom Fields>"Add New Field"


  • Go to Setup>Services"Add new service" on the booking preferences tab click on "Add New Field".



Field Label: The title of a field such as a question or instruction.

Field Types

Text - Allow your customers to provide a short form single sentence answer.

List - Allow your customers select an answer from a list of pre-defined answers.

Checkbox - Allow your customers to tick a box (refer to terms & conditions article)

Multi-line Text - Allow your customers to provide a long form multi-paragraph answer.

Inline Text - Can be used a sub-heading for a number of fields or to convey extra information to the customer prior to completing the booking process.

Mandatory: Select "Yes" to ensure your customers complete this field before proceeding with the booking.

In CRM: If selected, the custom field will also show in the CRM against the relevant customer record.



Customising the booking process to obtain additional information from your customers can be achieved by adding custom fields to your booking form.


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