How to add a payment gateway to accept online payments Follow

You are able to take full or partial payments (deposits) from customers when they are making a booking.

A payment gateway is a server that is dedicated to linking websites and banks so that online credit card transactions can be completed in real-time.

How does a payment gateway work?

Payment gateways work by providing the secure, integral link between a website (web server) and the bank. When credit card details are submitted on a website the payment gateway receives these details and sends them to the bank for verification. The bank then replies with a response; usually either accepted or declined. The payment gateway then sends this response back to the web server when the appropriate message is displayed to the user - for example "Your payment has been successful".

What else is required to accept online payments?

A merchant account from your bank which is a special kind of bank account that can be linked directly to a payment gateway.

To view our current payment gateway providers and to set up your payment gateway follow the steps below.

  1. Get your API key credentials ready or click here to see how to get them
  2. Go to the Setup tab
  3. Click on 'Online payments'
  4. Tick the switch to 'Enable Payment Gateway'
  5. Select 'Type of Payment Gateway' and input all necessary credentials.

  6. Click 'Update' and test your online payment ensure that it fully functional.
    (note: Ensure that you enable online payments on all services)

Our preferred payment gateway provider is eWay and is used for all nabooki subscription payments. If you require any assistance with activating a payment gateway, please email or use our help tool located in the bottom right corner.



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