How to change between viewing all bookings or bookings for an individual staff member Follow

Depending on your business setup, you are given a number of ways to view the calendar.

Default View:

Multiple locations:
When you have more than one location, you can manage all of your bookings in the one Calendar, however you can only view all of the bookings at one location at a time.
Multiple staff or resources:
Clicking on All Staff or All Resources will allow you view all of the bookings for the business location.
Individual staff member or individual resource:
You can click on the name of an individual staff member or resource to limit the display to bookings associated with that staff or resource.
Viewing by an individual staff member will also allow them to view all bookings assigned to them over multiple locations.

Default View Options:

You can change the calendar to display by day, week, fortnight, month or following 3 or 5 days.


All Staff/Resources View:

This alternate view shows all staff and/or resources for the day and associated bookings.
You can toggle between this and the default view by selecting the icons highlighted below.



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