How to redeem Groupon vouchers Follow

Redeeming your Groupon vouchers ensures that you get paid for the Groupon customers who visit your business and also helps prevent fraud for misuse of the vouchers.

You can choose to redeem individual vouchers or redeem all available vouchers from the booking system in the Bookings History tab.

For individual vouchers, click on the grey 'REDEEM' button next to the booking to redeem. 

For bulk vouchers, click on the 'Redeem All' button located below the Advanced Search section.

You are also able to see when a voucher has been redeemed or if the voucher is invalid.

You can redeem the voucher from midnight on the day of the voucher’s date (i.e. even before the customer uses it) and after that you have 60 days after the voucher's expiry date to redeem the voucher.

Please note: To prevent misuse, the voucher security code is only fully visible on or after the day of booking. Until then, the last 2 digits of the voucher code are starred out.


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