How to schedule availability in the service setup Follow

Set the times for your customers to book a service or allow your customers to select any available time of day.

If you define specific times, customers will only be able to select from those times when spaces are available. If you define any available time, customers will be able to select from any of the displayed time-slots, which are determined by the availability of the assigned staff and/or resources.

Setup > Services > Availability

If your service allows 'single bookings', you can select 'at specific times only' or 'any available time'.
If your service allows 'multiple bookings', only specific times can be scheduled (such as scheduling specific class times).

The schedule specific times, click on the starting time slot and then select the applicable staff/resource.
The time slot will change to a blue square for the required service duration as shown below.

This must be done for each service, option or sub-option that you have defined.

When you define session timings, the system will check for available staff and resources and will not allow you to schedule a session if the assigned staff or resource is unavailable. This is to ensure you avoid double scheduling a staff or resource.


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