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Each business is different and nabooki is built with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of requirements across the service industry.

This article will cover a basic service setup which is great for first time users and most business operations.
For assistance on more complex setups, please visit out advanced service setup article.

Step 1- General 

There are only 5 required fields.


Name of service: The name of your service such as "1 Hour Bootcamp"

Service allows: This is the booking type. 

  • Single bookings - Only one booking for the service can be accepted at a time.
    Used for appointments, consultations, private group sessions (multiple people but only one booking).
  • Multiple bookings - Allows for more than one booking for any scheduled service.
    Used for classes such as fitness or training, events and performances.

Location: This is the location where the service will be provided.

  • Only 1 location - The location will be preselected.
  • Multiple locations - If your business has multiple locations, you can select just the one location, multiple locations or all locations to offer this service at.
  • Mobile location - If your service is not at a fixed location, select this option as no location details will be provided to the customer. 

Duration: Defines the total duration required to run your service.

Price: This will be displayed in booking widget for your customers to see. 

The option to accept the booking with or without payment is defined in Step 4 - Booking Preferences.


Step 2 - Staff & Resources

When you set up a service, you will need to define at least one staff or one resource.

Setting staff is not mandatory.
For example, for a ticketed event, you would only need to book seats (which is a resource).
You do not need to define staff in this case.

Resources are the critical elements required to provide a service. These are typically shared between different staff members or sessions and thus need to be considered for capacity planning. 


Staff: Select "Yes" if your service relies on the availability of your staff members.

Setting staff is used to manage your capacity to prevent scheduling a session when the required staff is not available. This is most commonly used for owner operators or specialised staff such as doctors/hairdressers/technicians/consultants/instructors etc.

Adding staff to the system will also enable these members to receive online bookings if required.

Resources: Select "Yes" if your service relies on the availability of your resources.

If your business requires both staff and resources, the resource may be the critical factor for the service.
For example, if you provide tours and only have one bus, the bus as a resource is required. If you provide a car wash and have three bays available, the car wash bays are the resources required.


Step 3 - Availability

Services which are defined as "single bookings" will be given the option to select how the service is booked.
"Multiple bookings" can only be scheduled for specific times.

During any available hours: Customers can book this service on a first-come-first-served basis.

The available hours are defined by your business hours, staff/resource availability, duration of service and existing bookings.
For advanced setup, please refer to our advanced service setup article.

At specific times only: Customers can only book this service at the times you schedule.

You set the start times and the service will be scheduled for the required duration.
Only these start times will be shown on the booking tool for your customers to select.


Step 4 - Booking Preferences

Your service can be further customised to suit your business needs in the Booking Preferences section.

It is quite common to not make any changes to this section.
For an in-depth look to each of the following sections, please visit out advanced service setup article.


Booking Cut-off Time: By default, this is set to none.

Specify the time period before the booking time when you wish to stop accepting online bookings.

Allowable Cancellation Time: By default, this is set to 48 hours.

You can prevent changes or cancellations to the booking, allow changes or cancellations at any time or assign a time value ranging from 1 hour to 30 days.

Payment Settings: Accept payments during the booking process.

If you require accepting payments when the booking is made, you are able to collect the full amount or even a deposit in the form of a part payment.

Please note: You will be required to have an account with one of our select Payment Gateways in order to receive booking payments.

Booking Form: This allows you to obtain additional booking information from your customer(s).

Adding custom fields allows for a large range of additional options such as providing an agreement to your service terms & conditions, advising of a pickup location, requesting dietary requirements and so on.

For an in-depth look at custom fields, please visit our advanced service setup article.

Customer Confirmation: Provide additional information to your customers.

In the confirmation email, you have the option to provide additional information such as what to bring, where to meet, how to dress and so on.


Apply changes and make a test booking:

This feature allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your booking preferences and see how it will be displayed to your customer when displayed on your website.


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