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This article will cover advanced setup features for businesses requiring further customization to suit their business needs.

Step 1 - General

There are a total of 4 levels that can be applied to a service.
Each service can have options which can lead to sub-options if needed.


Categories: When you have a large number of services to offer, it can be useful to provide categories to make it easier for your customer to view the services that you provide. The services listed in other categories will not be displayed at the same making it easier for your customers to navigate.

This is how a service with options and sub-options, listed under a category will be shown in your Booking Tool.


More Details: Further details may need to be provided to your customer in the booking process through the addition of a short amount of text to provide a description of the service.


Start / End Date: Defines the first and last date that this service can be booked for.


Step 2 - Staff & Resources

Staff and/or resources are required for each and every service.

Only one staff or resource is required, however, if your business has services that share the same resource such as a fitness class requiring the use of a shared room, it may be necessary to assign both staff and resources to the service.

New staff or resources can be added directly from the Staff & Resources page.



The visibility checkbox is used to prevent the staff or resource name being displayed to your customers.
If you offer appointments as your service for example and you know your customer would like to see a particular staff member, keep this box unchecked and they will be given the option to select the name of the person from a drop down.


Step 3 - Availability

Services which are defined as "single bookings" will be given the option to assign scheduled sessions or to book at any available time.
"Multiple bookings" can only be scheduled.

During any available hours: Customers can book this service on a first-come, first-served basis.


When the Service bookable is set to "During any available hours", additional options are displayed.

Booking Resolution: Sets the time-slots for your customers to make a booking.

In the example above, on a Monday the customer will be shown 09:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 and so on.

Starting Time: Allows you to start accepting bookings at a time that is different to your opening hours.

In this example, you will see that we open at 09:00 but the first booking will start at 09:30, except for Tuesday and Thursday as we have blocked out the first hour.

Block-out Times: Allows you to prevent bookings at particular times.

In this example, Tuesday and Thursday have been blocked-out to prevent any bookings before 10:30. You can get creative with this to have full control over your bookings to allow you to maximize revenue.


Step 4 - Booking Preferences

Customising the booking process to obtain additional information from your customers can be achieved by adding custom fields to your booking form.


Field Label: The title of a field such as a question or instruction.

Field Types

Text - Allow your customers to provide a short form single sentence answer.

List - Allow your customers select an answer from a list of pre-defined answers.

Checkbox - Allow your customers to tick a box (refer to terms & conditions article)

Multi-line Text - Allow your customers to provide a long-form multi-paragraph answer.

Inline Text - Can be used a sub-heading for a number of fields or to convey extra information to the customer prior to completing the booking process.

Mandatory: Select "Yes" to ensure your customers complete this field before proceeding with the booking.

In CRM: If selected, the custom field will also show in the CRM against the relevant customer record.



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