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Sub-services allow you to "share the schedule" of any multiple booking services.

Sub-services can be used to set different prices for adults, kids, concessions or seniors or it can be used in conjunction with 'minimum number of participants' to provide a discount for 2 or more people, such as a group discount to 5+ people.

Sub-services can also be used to create memberships or passes, allowing your customers to pick and choose which of your classes to partake in after an initial purchase.

How to create a sub-service

Sub-services can be created from any scheduled service by selecting the drop-down menu on the 'Services' page. All sub-services will share the same schedule as the "parent/main service" but no additional schedules can be created for the sub-service.

Multiple sub-services can be created to provide a range of pricing options.

Sub-service availability schedule

The availability tab allows the sub-service to share all or some of the schedules assigned to the parent/main service (but no additional schedules can be created). If the parent service has multiple schedules, the schedules not required can be deselected.

The example below shows the active schedule in blue and the deselected schedule in grey.


Using sub-services for promotions

Sub-services are great for running promotions or specials to fill quiet times or to assist with client retention by offering a discount for a commitment to multiple sessions versus single visits.

The sub-service start and end date can be defined as normal to allow for limited time promotions to help drive a sense of urgency and the availability schedule (above) can be used as a yield management tool to help increase participants on a particular day of the week if numbers are low to fill spots and increase your revenue.


Using sub-services for memberships or passes

First create a "parent" service as a template, set service allows to 'Multiple bookings', set the capacity for the service and duration. Ensure 'Not visible online' is selected as the parent service is not bookable.

Then assign all Staff and/or Resources required and create your schedule template that all sub-services require in the Availability tab. Each sub-service can only utilise the schedule created with the ability to deactivate some schedules but no new schedules can be created.



To deactivate a set schedule just click on the staff and/or resources and click the disabled schedule and save.


Then set the booking preference and booking cutoff time. Once you completed the parent service you will now then have the option to add the sub-service to it for membership and 1 day passes option.

To get started go to the Setup > Services page and select 'Add sub-service' from the drop-down menu for the parent service you have just created.


You can now proceed with creating each sub-service as you would any other service. Ensure you add sessions to the service to allow for multiple visits.








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