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This guide covers the service setup process for operators with multiple staff providing services requiring multiple bookings per service with resources (rooms/vehicles/equipment) as inventory.



  1. Set the name of service.

  2. If your service allows more than 1 booking to be received, up to the service capacity (such as 20 places), select 'Multiple bookings'. If your service allows only 1 booking to be received, select 'Single bookings' and follow this setup guide.

  3. Select the location(s) where you will provide the service. If you provide a service which requires you to travel to different locations select 'Mobile location' as this will hide your business address details in the booking confirmation and reminder emails.

  4. Set the maximum service capacity. You can also set a 'minimum number of participants' if you offer variable pricing options such as reduced rate for 2 or more people. Refer to 'sub-services' in the Service Options section below to set multiple price options for your service.

  5. Set the duration of the service. If you require additional time after the booking to prepare for the next service extend the duration accordingly. For example, if you provide a 1-hour service but require 15 minutes extra, simply set the duration to 1 hrs 15 mins. The duration of the service is not displayed to your customers.

  6. Set the price of your service as a numerical value.


Service Options: You have the ability to add options and sub-options to your service if you provide variations of your services as shown in the example below.

Business: Dance Studio

Service: Ballet
       Option: Kids
               Sub-Option: Beginner
               Sub-Option: Intermediate
       Option: Adult
               Sub-Option: Beginner
               Sub-Option: Intermediate


The example above will require you to create four independent schedules, requiring your customers to book in as required on a casual basis. If you need to allow your customers to purchase a multiple visit "class-pass" to attend any of the service options, or you would like to create various price options such as concessions or group discounts please refer to this article to create sub-services.


Multiple sessions: Allow your customers to purchase two or more "visits" upfront that can be booked either all at once or over a period of time. For more details on multiple sessions please click here.



  1. Assign the inventory to the service. If both staff and resources are required, the system will only display availability for the service when both the assigned staff and resources align for the duration required of the service. It is recommended to only assign staff or resources to the service unless both are critical for the operations of your business.

    Click on '+ New Resource' or '+ New Staff' to add additional inventory options.




Services defined as 'Multiple bookings' require scheduling. Simply click on the relevant time-slot(s) that you would like to offer the service, then tick the box next to the relevant staff and/or resources that you would like to assign to the service at those times.




  1. Specify the booking cut-off time, the time period before the booking time when you wish to stop accepting online bookings.

  2. Specify the allowable cancellation time, the time period prior to the booking commencement time that customers are allowed to change or cancel their booking.

Accept a full payment or a deposit at the time of booking. An approved payment gateway provider is required to accept online payments. To learn more about payments please click here.

Additional customer details: 
If you require additional information from your customer at the time of booking such as their date of birth, address or dietary requirements, you can add custom fields to obtain this relevant information. To learn more about using custom fields please click here. 

Hot Tip: After you clicked on finish button make a test booking to ensure the booking process works as you expect it to.










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