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This guide covers the service setup process for restaurants.

The resources and service are pre-set, all that is required is to remove the resources or change the service settings that do not apply to your business.


  1. Provide your restaurant location details.
  2. Set your trading hours, ranging from when you open until when you close. Actual dining times will be set at a later stage of the setup.


  1. Delete any of the dining times (resources) that are not applicable to your business.


  1. Click on Edit in the far right 'Action' column.
  2. The default name of service can be changed from 'Restaurant Reservation' if required.
  3. Set the maximum capacity (covers) for each booking time-slot. The default service duration is set to 30-minute intervals and can be changed if you prefer to only receive bookings every 60 or 90 minutes.
  4. Set the maximum and minimum covers per booking. It is common for restaurants to set a maximum of 10 or 12 covers to automatically be booked online and those with larger groups can simply call and book over the phone to ensure the table arrangement is suitable.
  5. If you would like to change the interval of booking time-slots from 30 minutes, please follow the steps in step 6, otherwise, skip to step 7.
  6. Click on the 'Availability' tab towards the top of the screen. Click on the Delete All Schedules to remove the default 30-minute booking intervals. Return to the 'General' tab and change the duration to 1 hour, 1 hour 30 mins or another value.
  7. To add a new booking time-slot, select a time with a white background, select the relevant resource, then select Save. To remove a time-slot click on the blue block with the resource name, then click Delete.





  1. Click on the 'Booking Preferences' tab to specify the booking cut-off time, the time period before the booking time when you wish to stop accepting online bookings.
  2. Specify the allowable cancellation time, the time period prior to the booking commencement time that customers are allowed to change or cancel their booking.

    Additional customer details: If you require additional information from your customer at the time of booking such as dietary requirements, you can add custom fields to obtain this relevant information. To learn more about using custom fields please click here.



  1. Upload your business logo.
  2. Customise the look of your booking tool.
  3. Follow the steps to integrate the booking tool on your website. To install the booking tool on your Facebook page, please refer to this article to add a 'Book now' Call To Action button to your business page.



  1. Booking notifications will be sent to the email address used to sign up. An additional email for booking notification can be included if needed to be accessed by staff members. 
  2. SMS notifications can also be included at an additional cost. It is possible to only receive SMS notifications for last minute bookings, this can be activated in More details after turning SMS notifications on.
  3. SMS confirmations and reminders can also be sent to your customers.




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