How to set minimum and maximum numbers for group bookings Follow

A service, service option or sub-option for multiple booking services can have a minimum and maximum number of people assigned to it. This is great way to offer group discounts or ensure a minimum number of people can be booked at any one time.

Please note, the ‘maximum capacity’ is the number of people that the service can accommodate in a defined time-slot. Nabooki will allow for as many bookings as needed, up until the capacity is reached and will not allow for any additional customers, unless manually overwritten in the calendar.

‘Maximum people per booking' is the maximum number of spaces that a person can book in one booking transaction. ‘Minimum people per booking' is the the least number of people required to be booked in one booking transaction.

The example below shows a group discount is provided when 11 to 15 people are booked at one time.


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