How to manually add a Scoopon/Cudo/Deals booking Follow


To add a customer to a scheduled service, click on the service for the date and time required to display the event ticket, then select the 'Add Booking' button.



Ensure you select the correct Scoopon/Cudo/Deals option from the dropdown menu, enter the customer's details and verify the voucher code.



To manually add a booking to an unscheduled time-slot using the 'Calendar', select the relevant time-slot on the date required to display the 'Add new' window as shown below.

The 'Booking' tab is the default option displayed so you must ensure the 'Promotional Booking' tab is selected. You will be required to select the assigned Staff and/or Resource from the first dropdown menu and then select the Service from below the customers details.

Verify the voucher and use the 'Check Availability' button to ensure there are no booking conflicts before adding the booking






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