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Businesses have different policies regarding cancellation periods, booking lead time (i.e., how close to the bookings occurring can customers book) and how far into the future customers can add bookings. Nabooki makes setting these time limits very easy and uses them to prevent bookings being scheduled inside of the chosen limits.

The default cancellation limit is defined as 48 hours.
This means customers can edit or cancel their booking up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled session. You may click on 'Allowable cancellation time' field to see all available options including no changes or cancellations permitted or no limit.

If your business disallows changes to bookings within 48 hours of the bookings occurring, nabooki will provide a default statement that says: "You cannot change or cancel this booking, because it is now outside the change / cancellation period. If you need to get in touch with the [Business Name], please call [Business phone number]".

You can change this statement in the 'Booking Preferences' tab of each service. See image below on how to set cancellation policy to your services.

Setup > Services > 'Booking Preferences'




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