How to add a privacy policy checkbox Follow

To conform with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), many businesses are required to make changes to their privacy policy in order to become compliant.

You can create a checkbox with a link to your privacy policy by going to Custom Fields and clicking on the Add New Field button at the 'For use within Bookings' section.


Select which service you want the 'Privacy Policy' field to show then choose the 'Checkbox' on the Field Type on the right side of the window.


Type on the Field Label section and the External Link Name section the text that you want to display. (You can leave the External Link Name blank if you prefer to make the whole Field Label as the link name and clickable.) Add the URL of your Privacy Policy to the External Link URL section. Remember to make the tick Yes on Mandatory so that your customers cannot proceed with their booking without ticking the checkbox.




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