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Receiving booking requests

You’ll receive
booking requests from the Optus Dining portal at your nominated email address. You can also opt to receive booking requests via SMS (see How to manage how you are notified of Optus Dining booking requests). 

An example of the email and SMS notifications are pictured below.

All you need to do is click ACCEPT or DECLINE for each booking request within 24 hours of receiving the request.



Accepting a booking request

To accept an Optus Dining booking request, simply click ACCEPT in the booking request email or SMS.



After you have accepted a booking request, you will receive a confirmation by email and optionally by SMS:



If you don’t use nabooki as your main reservation system then you may need to add this confirmed booking to your reservation system.


Declining a booking request

To decline an Optus Dining booking request:

      1. Click DECLINE in the booking request email or SMS (see images above).

      2. At "Please select the reason for declining this booking", choose either "Unavailable for this day" or "Unavailable for this time":


      3. At "Click here to add a comment", provide a comment for the customer, suggesting alternative dates or times that are available, and then click the green tick to confirm.


      4. If you selected "Unavailable for this day", specify whether you want to block this date for future booking requests.



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