Customer Login Feature

Customer Login Feature

This article will outline our feature that allows customers to log in to their own individual profiles, which will contain their existing bookings and other useful features.

This great feature can be used as a central hub for all of your booking needs, allowing you to create, cancel and manage your bookings all in one place. You will also be able purchase new passes when booking multiple sessions! 

Creating an Account

1. Locate your booking confirmation email and press 'Create Account'. An account can also be created via the booking widget itself. 

2. Enter your email address and press 'Submit' to start the registration process. An email will be sent to you with a 6-digit verification code which is crucial for the next step. 

3.  In another tab, open your email and check for an email with the subject "Nabooki confirmation code: XXXXXX"

4. Return to the verification page and enter your 6-digit code followed by pressing the 'Verify Code' button. 

5. After verifying your code, you will be prompted to enter in your personal information to complete your account setup. Press 'Submit' finalise the process. 

6. Congratulations! Your customer profile is now set up.

From your dashboard, you will be able to view all profiles linked to your account/ email address, upcoming and completed bookings, as well as your active passes. 


Under the 'Bookings' tab from the left-navigation menu, you will be able to manage all upcoming bookings via the 'manage' button and view all completed bookings.


Under the 'Passes' tab from the left-navigation menu, you will be able to access all active passes. This feature allows you to book your remaining sessions displays how many sessions you have available to be booked. 

Contact Support

Need assistance? Our dedicated support staff are here to help you. 

To create a support ticket, click here.
Live chat: Start a live chat with our customer support team by clicking on the '?' button in the lower right corner.
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