Everything you need to know about Gift Vouchers

Everything you need to know about Gift Vouchers

Tour and activity experiences make for excellent gifts – and with Nabooki gift vouchers, you can make yours available for purchase as a gift directly on your website.

How to set up Gift Vouchers

Please note: Online payments must be enabled in order to use Gift vouchers. Please visit this link to find out more on how to accept online payment for a service.

Using the left navigation menu, go to > Setup > Gift Vouchers.

  1. Minimum Amount and Maximum Account - You can set a price range or fix price here
  2. Expiration – The validity of the voucher from the time of purchase
  3. Booking URL – This is optional but it will be handy if you provide multiple Gift Voucher as your customer can get the actual link of the service bookable for the Gift Voucher they purchased. In the purchased confirmation, there will be a QR code or a link of your booking tool.

Accessing the Gift Voucher Widget Page

The first step is to ensure your Online Payment Gateway is enabled and fully set up. Once this has been finalised, you can view and access the iFrame code of your Gift Voucher by navigating to Online Bookings > Website Integration and select “Gift Voucher Widget” on the widget type dropdown menu. Then click the “Preview” button.

In the same page, you can copy the iFrame code which you can then use to embed the Gift Voucher page on to your website or email campaign.

How to buy Gift Vouchers

Your customer will need to go to the link on the page where you embed the Gift Voucher iFrame code. This will depend on how you advertise your gift vouchers and could be via email, text or on your Facebook page. 

To your customer, it will look like this:



How to redeem a Gift Voucher

Once the gift recipient has received the voucher code, they will be able to redeem the code on the checkout page when making a booking.

Please note, both the merchant and the customer who is purchasing the Gift Voucher will receive the email notification confirming the details of the voucher purchase. The customer who has purchased the Gift Voucher will receive an email with a link to download the voucher. This link could be emailed to the recipient or the customer could choose to print the voucher and distribute to the recipient.

Then, they will be able to apply it on the checkout page when making a booking.

Note: Only one gift voucher code is allowed per transaction.

Managing Purchased Gift Vouchers

  1. Viewing the Purchased Gift Vouchers

To view the Purchased Gift Vouchers, go to > CRM > Gift Vouchers. This page will display the Code, Purchaser's Name, Amount, Status (Active/Redeemed/Expired)

  1. Ability to edit the Expiry Date

To edit the expiry date, go to CRM > Gift Vouchers, and click the ellipsis button under actions. Then click View Gift Voucher, and click the “Edit” button just beside the Expiry Date (please see photo below).

  1. View Customer booking 

Clicking the “View Booking” will redirect the merchant straight to the Calendar and Booking Ticket of the customer.

IMPORTANT! Email notifications for Gift Vouchers will only be sent to the email set in the account.

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