How to add the Timetable widget to your website

How to add the Timetable widget to your website

Timetable view is a booking feature that allows you to display schedules on a standalone page or as a widget. This Timetable Widget will show schedules for the week, with an option to switch to a daily view. Schedules will be listed in order from the start of the day to the end, and list +6 following days from your chosen date. To provide a more friendly & faster user experience, we have added the “Book Now” button, which once clicked will open the single service widget for your customer to then proceed to book a booking.


NOTE: The Timetable view is only for live view of your booking system based on the current schedule availability. 

Schedules will appear on the Timetable view if they:

  • Are part of an active service or option that’s not deleted, expired, deactivated, or promotional.

  • Are marked as “Invisible Online” but are still active.

  • Schedules can be recurring or specifically adjusted, as long as they’re active, not deleted, and fall within the service’s active dates.

Schedules will NOT appear on the Timetable view if they:
  1. Overlapping Schedules: If two schedules from the same calendar, resource or user overlap, the widget will not display them both at the same time.
  2. Multiple Locations: If a service is offered at more than one location, the widget will always automatically select the first location, even if you choose the second.
  3. Similarly, if a service has multiple options, the widget will automatically select the first option.

To add the Timetable Widget to your website:
  1. Go to Online Bookings.
  2. Click on Website Integration.
  3. Select Timetable Widget from the Widget Type dropdown menu.
  4. Click the Preview button to see the widget on a new page.
  5. To add it to a website, use the iframe code given on the same page.

How to change the service name:

By default, the service name and the availability are shown in the timetable view if there is no schedule name set in it. To change the schedule name, go to the service settings page > availability > Add a schedule name by clicking the schedule. Add your service name to the pop-up menu.

How to Change Availability/Capacity:

By default, the remaining available spots are automatically shown to the customer.

Schedule legend:  Full is Red,  Closed is Gray & Available is Green

 To disable the availability/capacity setting, you can go to the service setting page > booking preferences > Set “Show remaining capacity during booking” to “No”.

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