How to connect your nabooki account with QuickBooks

How to connect your nabooki account with QuickBooks

Please note: Account set up must be complete 
To connect your nabooki account to QuickBooks, you need to have an account with QuickBooks Online. 
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1. Integrate nabooki with QuickBooks Online

In nabooki, using the left navigation menu, go to Add-ons > QuickBooks > click the Connect to QuickBooks button to enable the integration.

If you are not logged in to QuickBooks online, it will ask you to log in.

Click on Connect button to enable the integration between nabooki and QuickBooks.

You will land on Add-ons > QuickBooks page where you can see integration is enabled. With enabling the integration, all of your QuickBooks tax codes will be automatically imported to nabooki. If any tax is created in QuickBooks after enabling the integration, you can sync it manually by clicking on the "Sync Taxes" button.

2. Assign QuickBooks tax codes to your services in nabooki

To see all taxes, click on the "Assign taxes to services" button on Add-ons > QuickBooks page.

or using the left navigation menu, go to Setup Taxes & Invoicing Taxes tab > to assign a QuickBooks tax to services, press the '...' button > Edit  

3. Assign QuickBooks tax to all services 

On the Edit Tax page, select 'All services' in the 'Applicable to' drop down and click Update.

4. Assign QuickBooks tax to selected services 

On the Edit Tax page, select 'Selected services' in the 'Applicable to' drop-down, select services in the 'Selected services' drop down and click Update.

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