How to delete or update customer details

How to delete or update customer details

If a customer requests that any of their details be updated, these changes can be made directly to their customer record.

Using the left navigation menu, go to >
Customers > press the '...' button > search customer's name by name, email or mobile > press Edit to update customer record.

If a customer requests to be removed from your database, you can press
Delete which will remove them from your list of customers.

For duplicate record, you can press
Merge > on the search field, search for the customer's name you need to merge it to > press Merge.

Under some circumstances, the right to erasure won’t apply. In these circumstances, any identifiable information can be removed/redacted at our end to protect the customer’s privacy, while keeping the integrity of your historical records intact.

If a customer requests to have their full details and history removed completely, then you can contact us directly.

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