How to disconnect your QuickBooks integration

How to disconnect your QuickBooks integration

To disconnect your QuickBooks, using the left navigation menu, go to Add-ons > QuickBooks from the main menu and click the 'ON' switch to toggle it to 'OFF' or click Click here to disconnect.

Confirm the disable action by clicking on Disable.

You will be taken back to QuickBooks page where you can verify that the integration has been disabled.

Please Note: Once disabled, you will no longer be able to send data from nabooki to QuickBooks. All the QuickBooks tax codes which were imported to nabooki, will be removed from nabooki. The data which is already transferred to QuickBooks, will not be removed.

If you reconnect your nabooki account with same QuickBooks account, QuickBooks tax codes will get imported and all previously transferred data can be accessed again.

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