How to provide staff with their own login credentials.

How to provide staff with their own login credentials

Nabooki allows you to create multiple users on the reservation system with four different levels of access; Manager, Manager-demo, Super Staff and Staff. This is useful to restrict users to only view information on the system that is relevant to them.

More details of the 4 levels of access you can provide:

Manager – A user with Manager Rights has unrestricted access to the system. 
Staff – Users with Staff Rights can access only their bookings and calendar. 
Super Staff – Super staff user can access the calendar and bookings of all the staff members.
Manager demo – This is a demo account which can be used to view and try out the entire system however is not able to make any changes.

To add users, go to account profile by clicking the head icon 'located on the top right corner of the account  > Users > '+' plus sign to add new users.

Input necessary details of the new user such as name, email address and set access level. Once changes were saved, new user will automatically be sent an email containing login instructions.

Please note: If a new user will be given a 'staff' access, please ensure to link the new user to a staff member.

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