How to purchase SMS credits and check the balance

How to purchase SMS credits and check the balance

You can purchase SMS credits in the 'Billing' section under your user profile.

Navigate to 
User Profile > Billing > SMS Credits > Purchase SMS credit/Update.

Update button is for merchant who already purchased SMS credit before, clicking this will automatically use the same card that was used before. 

Is there an expiry date for SMS?

No, your SMS do not have an expiry date.

How do SMS bundles work?

You can buy SMS in bundles of 100, 1000 or 10,000.

When 1 SMS notification is sent or received, your SMS balance is automatically adjusted by 1 credit. Please see image below for SMS pricing.

Please note: In the event that an SMS exceeds 160 characters (including spaces and line breaks), you will be charged for an additional credit. To ensure you remain within the 160 character limit, please test your SMS, and, if required, reduce the length of your address or business name.

You can always check details on SMS sent and credits consumed against the SMS report or via the History Tab of each booking.

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