How to set up Google Calendar

How to set up Google Calendar

Nabooki allows for two-way sync with Google Calendar so you can continue to manage your business while away from the office.

Once activated, all bookings in your Nabooki Calendar will be displayed in your Google Calendar and updated in real-time. Any changes made to bookings or new events created via Google Calendar will also appear in your Nabooki Calendar in real-time.

Enabling Google Calendar

Using the left navigation menu, go to > Add-ons > Google Calendar > toggle 'ON' the two-way Google Calendar sync. You will then be prompted to sign in to your Google account and allow permission for Nabooki to manage your calendars and view your email address.

One or two-way sync

One-way sync only allows booking data to be sent from Naked Bookings for displaying in your Google Calendar, while a two-way sync allows you to add events to your Google Calendar and appear in your Nabooki calendar. Two-way sync also allows for booking changes in your Google Calendar to instantly take effect in your Nabooki calendar.

Events added via Google Calendar will appear as busy periods, preventing further bookings in those time-slots.

To activate one-way sync only select a Google calendar from the drop-down list in the blue box.

To activate two-way sync you must select the same Google calendar from the drop-down list in both the red and blue boxes.

Each staff & resource will be listed in the left column. When a staff or resource is assigned to more than one location their name will appear more than once but identified for each location. Staff needs to share their calendar to the main email address in the account in order to get their email address in the email list above. 

You are not required to sync each and every staff & resource listed
Recurring events or events with different state and end dates in Google Calendar are not supported in the nabooki calendar
Please ensure your Google Calendar time zone is set correctly to prevent confusion with your booking times.

For help to change your timezone please refer to Please note that the shared link above is from Google which is not associated with nabooki.

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