How to set up taxes

How to set up taxes

Please note: Account set up must be complete before setting up taxes.

Setting up taxes is useful when wanting to utilise nabooki's inbuilt invoicing feature and for setting up taxes that may be required for specific services.

1.) Using the left navigation menu, go to > Setup > Taxes & Invoicing > press the '...' button > Edit 
2.) Click on the TAXES tab.

3.) To set up a tax in nabooki, click on the green plus to display the following screen. 

There are 4 required fields.

Tax name - Tax name such as ‘GST’.
Tax rate (%) - Percentage amount which needs to be applied on top of base price such as 10%.
Applicable to - You have options to apply this tax to all services or selected services.
Selected services - If ‘Selected Services’ was chosen in ‘Applicable to’, you will see a list of services to select on which this tax needs to be applied.

To edit or delete a tax, click on the "Edit" button under the 'ACTION' column of that tax.

Delete - If Delete action is selected, click on Delete to confirm the action.

Using the left navigation menu, go to >
Setup > Taxes & Invoicing > press the '...' button > Delete

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