How To Use the Agenda

How To Use the Agenda

The Agenda provides you with an overview of future booking schedules each week, allowing you to check the booking status and numbers at a glance and most importantly, take action directly from this page. You can confirm or cancel booking requests and quickly identify schedules with an active waitlist that can be actioned if an existing booking cancels.

To access the Agenda, using the left navigation menu, go to > Agenda.  

Upcoming scheduled services for the week selected are displayed as above.
Status shows you the quantity of confirmed bookings, unconfirmed booking requests, waitlist or pencilled-in bookings. The possible values for this column are:
Green - Confirmed booking
Red- Booking request
Blue - Pencilled-in 

To view or action any of your bookings, click the arrow under the action column. This will open the booking list page, which allows you to either confirm, cancel or decline bookings/requests.

Various actions can be undertaken from the booking list page, including:
  • View booking
  • Confirm Booking
  • Cancel Booking
  • Change Booking
  • Resend Confirmation

Waitlist Bookings

If you are running your services at capacity, you will want to ensure you are operating as efficiently as possible.

Confirming people on the waitlist is a semi-automated process as it requires your action. For more details please view > How to confirm waitlist bookings

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