Integrating your Nabooki Account with Rezdy

Integrating your Nabooki Account with Rezdy

Rezdy integration with Nabooki enables an automatic sync of Rezdy availability into Nabooki and Nabooki bookings into Rezdy. As soon as your booking is added, changed or cancelled in Nabooki, the system will automatically attempt to create or cancel the relevant booking in Rezdy. 

How to Activate the Rezdy Integration

Step 1 - To be completed within Rezdy

  1. Login to your Rezdy account

  2. Add Nabooki as an agent via Marketplace > Find Agents. Note: there are 2 agents you can choose from - South Australia Tourism Commission / Nabooki or Tourism Tasmania / Nabooki. It doesn't make any difference for the integration which agent you choose. 

  3. Share negotiated rates for each product you wish to integrate. Please note: there is no commission payable to Nabooki.

  4. Select the relevant option applicable to you within the 'Agent Payment' field:
    1. If you collect the payment via Nabooki, we recommend that you use the 'Full payment to agent' option. 
    2. If you collect the payment yourself, we recommend that you use the 'Downpayment to agent' option.

Step 2 - To be completed within Nabooki

  1. In your Nabooki portal, use the navigation menu on the left-hand side to go to Add-ons > Rezdy. Switch the 'Enable Rezdy Integration' toggle to ON. 


  2. On the left navigation menu, go to Setup Services or Promotions and select the service or promotion you wish to integrate with Rezdy. Click on the ellipsis button '...' and select Edit
  1. Go to the Booking Preferences tab and scroll down to the Rezdy Integration section. Select the relevant Rezdy Agent in the 'Rezdy Agent' dropdown and add your Rezdy product code within the Rezdy Product Code field. Scroll down and press 'Update' to save your changes.


  1. Your Rezdy product code can be easily located on the Rezdy Products page within Rezdy. 

  1. NEW: Once your Rezdy Agent and Rezdy Product Code is saved in Nabooki, you will see a button "Sync remaining capacity". Simply click on this button to update the remaining capacity of your schedules in Nabooki with the remaining capacities as recorded in Rezdy.

  2. Repeat the process for each Rezdy product/Nabooki service that you wish to link. 

  3. Once you've finished mapping your Rezdy product codes to the Nabooki services/promotions, add a booking in Nabooki to test the integration. If you see an order created successfully in Rezdy - you are ready to go!

Rezdy Integration Setup: Important to Know

Remaining Capacities Sync - Ineligible Services

  1. Not all services are eligible for the Capacities Sync. You may see the following message within the Rezdy Integration section of the Booking Preferences page "Capacities sync is not available for this services type..." 

  2. If you see this message, Nabooki bookings will still be attempted to be created in Rezdy, but the automatic remaining capacities sync will not be available for this service. You will either be required to maintain your remaining capacities in Nabooki manually or you can change your service setup. 

  3. The following services are not eligible for the capacities sync: 

    1. Services that do not require scheduling - specifically: Single bookings (e.g. appointment) type or Private group bookings (e.g. restaurant reservation) type
    2. Multi-option, multi-location or multi-session services (e.g. 10-class pass)
    3. Services that are not instantly bookable (e.g. booking requests)

Pricing Structure

  1. It is essential that the pricing structure of your Nabooki service matches your Rezdy product. Specifically, if you have price categories set up in Rezdy (e.g. Adult, Child), you must have price categories set up in Nabooki. Otherwise, your Nabooki bookings will not sync to Rezdy. 

  2. The prices can be different, and you are not required to have all price categories listed. However, those price categories that are created in Nabooki should fully match the price category names in Rezdy. For example: 

    1. If your Rezdy price categories are Adult and Child, your Nabooki price categories cannot be Adults and Children. 
    2. If you have a fixed price in Rezdy, similarly you must have a fixed price in Nabooki, and not set up price categories in Nabooki.
  1. If you have a pricing structure mismatch, you are likely to see the following error on your Rezdy Integration page in Nabooki: "Invalid Item Quantity - A matching option cannot be found".

Schedules / Sessions Structure

  1. Before adding a booking in Nabooki, your product availability in Rezdy will be checked first. Rezdy will block the creation of the Nabooki booking if there is any schedule structure mismatch: 

    1. Session Start Time: A booking is for the time which is not scheduled in Rezdy (e.g. your Nabooki schedule starts at 8am, while your Rezdy schedule starts at 8.30am);
    2. Sessions Duration: The schedule in Rezdy has a different duration from the schedule in Nabooki; 
Important: Our Rezdy integration currently does not support multi-day experiences. We are working on making this available in future releases.
    1. All Day Feature: Your Rezdy schedule has the "All Day" option enabled, but in Nabooki you have not enabled the "Hide Timeslots" option.
  1. If the schedules/sessions mismatch occurs, a customer will see the following message on the Availability step of the booking widget “Sorry, the time is no longer available. Please select another time.” 


Please note: If you are using the “All Day” feature within Rezdy, it is important that you use a corresponding “Hide Timeslots” feature within Nabooki. 
  1. You can enable the "Hide Timeslots" feature within Nabooki by going to the Services page, selecting the relevant service and navigating to the Booking Preferences tab. When the Hide Timeslots feature is enabled, a customer will only need to select the date during the booking process (timeslots will be hidden). 


Negotiated Rates

  1. For the integration to work, you need to share negotiated rates for the relevant products with the Nabooki agent in Rezdy. 

  2. If you have not, then the booking will be added in Nabooki, but you will see the following error on the Rezdy Integration page within Nabooki: "You can't book this product, please contact the supplier".


Custom Fields and Additional Participants

  1. Custom Fields: Check if you have added custom fields, especially if they are set as mandatory in Rezdy. 

  2. Additional Participants: If you require details of all participants, ensure this is correctly configured within Nabooki, especially if these are set as mandatory in Rezdy.

Rezdy Bookings Sync

How does the Rezdy bookings sync work?

Please Note: Only confirmed bookings are kept in sync with Rezdy. Booking requests, waitlist bookings or pencilled-in bookings will only be added to Rezdy after the booking status has been changed to confirmed in Nabooki.
  1. When a new booking is created in Nabooki, it will get automatically created in Rezdy.

  2. The same applies to cancellations: after a booking is cancelled within Nabooki, it will automatically be cancelled in Rezdy. 

  3. If a booking is changed in Nabooki, Rezdy will cancel the old booking and will generate a new booking (the old and new booking in Rezdy will not be linked).

  4. After a booking is successfully created in Rezdy, you will be able to see the Rezdy Order ID within the Booking Ticket in Nabooki.


  1. Payment details will be visible on the Rezdy order if the payment was processed in Nabooki at the time of booking. If an online payment was processed at a later stage, or manually recorded in the Nabooki system, it will not be synced to Rezdy.

  2. Only bookings added after the integration has been successfully activated, get created in Rezdy. Nabooki does not sync bookings created while the Rezdy integration was not active.    

What if a booking fails to sync?

  1. Any failed bookings or cancellations will be shown within the table on the Rezdy page in Nabooki (Add-ons > Rezdy). You can view the reason for the failure by hovering over the 'Failed' status label. 

  1. NEW: You will now also receive an email alert as soon as any failed items appear on your Add-ons > Rezdy page.  

  2. Once you have fixed the cause of the failure, you can press 'Retry' which will re-attempt to sync the booking. If the booking is successfully added, you will see the booking in Rezdy and the relevant row will disappear from the failed bookings table. 

  3. Not all failed bookings can be retried. If the cause of the failure is the mismatch of the price categories (e.g. you have price categories in Rezdy, but no price categories in Nabooki), then after you fix the service/product setup, the fix will only apply to future bookings, not past bookings. If you happen to experience the sync error caused by the price category mismatch, you may need to manually add the booking to your Rezdy system and mark the item as resolved. 

Ability to mark failed items as resolved

  1. NEW: In order to remove failed jobs from your Rezdy Integration page permanently, you can use this feature in Nabooki to mark individual failed jobs (or numerous failed jobs at once) as resolved. Simply select the items you wish to mark as resolved and click on the 'Mark as Resolved' button.       
  1. You can also do so from the 'Action' column for individual items by selecting the option "Mark as Resolved"

Rezdy Remaining Capacities Sync

How does the remaining capacities sync work?

  1. NEW: The remaining capacities sync from Rezdy to Nabooki is automatically performed by Nabooki on the daily basis. It updates your schedule availability in Nabooki for the next 30 days for all integrated products/services. 

  2. NEW: You can also manually sync your remaining capacities for individual services from your Services > Booking Preference page by clicking on the "Sync Remaining Capacity" button. This can be done on demand at any time, providing that your last sync for a specific service was not performed less than an hour prior to that time.  

  3. NEW: Once the capacities sync has been completed, your remaining capacities in Nabooki will be updated in line with your Rezdy capacities and you will see on your Service > Booking Preference page the time when your remaining capacities were last synced. 

  4. NEW: If capacities were adjusted for a particular schedule, you will be able to see the message "Last updated by Rezdy on {date}".

Rezdy remaining capacities sync only works for matching schedules/sessions between Nabooki and Rezdy. Therefore, if you have sessions/schedules mismatched (e.g. session start time, duration or "All Day" setting), the capacities for the mismatched schedules will not be able to be updated in Nabooki.  

Rezdy Availability Check

How does the Rezdy availability check work?

  1. Nabooki double-checks your product availability in Rezdy before creating a booking in Nabooki. This ensures that you will not receive any double bookings from Nabooki, if your Rezdy availability has been exhausted. 

  2. NEW: Nabooki now also checks your product availability in Rezdy after the customer selects the date/time, to avoid the customer having to proceed to checkout if the time isn't available. 
  1. NEW: Rezdy availability check will now also be performed if a booking is being added or changed via the Nabooki Calendar.  

  2. NEW: If a customer is making a booking request or adding themselves to a waitlist, the Rezdy availability check will now also be performed when such booking request or waitlist booking is getting confirmed by you within your Nabooki account.

  3. NEW: If a specific time is no longer available as a result of the Rezdy availability check, Nabooki will no longer "close" the corresponding schedule. We will instead update the scheduled capacity to 0. This will ensure that if more capacity is later added to Rezdy, it will get automatically updated within Nabooki upon the Remaining Capacity sync.   

When is the Rezdy availability check not attempted?

  1. Rezdy availability check is not attempted in the following scenarios:

    1. If you are using a type of service in Nabooki that does not require scheduling - specifically Single bookings (e.g. appointment) or Private group bookings (e.g. restaurant reservation); or
    2. If a customer is booking a multi-option, multi-location or multi-session service (e.g. 10-class pass). 

  2. In all of the above scenarios, a booking in Nabooki will still be created, but it may show as “failed” on the Rezdy Integration page if there was no availability in Rezdy at the time of booking creation.

  3. If you need the availability check to be performed, please change your service setup in Nabooki.  

  4. Rezdy availability check is performed when booking requests or waitlist bookings are getting confirmed within Nabooki. However, if a booking request is confirmed directly from your Booking Request email (by clicking on the "Accept" button found under the customer details), the Rezdy availability will not be checked. If you need the availability check to be performed, please confirm all bookings within your Nabooki account.

Rezdy integration - can I set and forget?

Yes, you definitely can! However, there are a few points to remember:
  1. As with any integration we rely on the Rezdy API to confirm the availability and create bookings in Rezdy. If Rezdy is unavailable (e.g. due to any downtime within Rezdy), a booking will still be created in Nabooki but may temporarily not be unable to be synced. In cases like this, you will receive an email alert from Nabooki and can retry syncing after Rezdy is back up.     

  2. If you make structural changes to your sessions in Rezdy - for example, you add new sessions or change the session start time/duration - you need to remember to make the relevant updates in Nabooki to ensure the relevant schedules are able to be booked. 

  3. Nabooki does not currently create new schedules automatically based on your session times. The benefit of this is that your bookings will be limited to what you have scheduled in Nabooki. Let's say, you have 2 sessions a day in Rezdy, but only want to make one of them available via Nabooki. Simply add one schedule in Nabooki, and only that session will be bookable through the marketplace. If you change your mind and want to make more timeslots bookable, simply add more schedules in Nabooki - to match your Rezdy schedules. 

  4. Please remember that if you've added schedules in Nabooki which don't have a counterpart in Rezdy, Nabooki will not delete those schedules. You will need to either do so yourself or update these schedules to match Rezdy to continue receiving bookings. 

Disabling the Rezdy Integration

  1. To disable integration from a specific service only, go to the Booking Preferences page of that service/promotion, remove the Rezdy product code and press 'Update' to save the changes. While Nabooki will continue to sync other configured services - this specific service will no longer be integrated.

  2. To disable the integration entirely - simply toggle the integration to OFF on the Rezdy Integration page via Add-ons > Rezdy

  3. Disabling the integration does not remove the Rezdy Order ID from your previously integrated bookings in Nabooki, nor does it remove any orders created in Rezdy while the integration was in place.

Contact Support

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