Ability to send On-demand Email and SMS notification

Ability to send On-demand Email and SMS notification

 On-demand Email and SMS notifications allows the booking schedule to be able to send on-demand notifications to your customers, either via Email or SMS. 

How to send an on-demand notification

Send on-demand notifications via Individual Booking Ticket– To be able to send on demand notifications a new “bell” button on both single & multiple bookings page, where a new menu will appear “Notify by Email” and “Notify by SMS”. Choose which option you would like to send a notification through.


2 ways to notify customers:

Notify by Email – when selected, you will be redirected to the opened email which will pre-populate the customer’s email address and or addresses on the “To” field. 

NOTE: While on the Booking List Modal page, if there are multiple customer email addresses used, these will all be pre-populated on the “BCC” field.

Notify by SMS  when selected, a new boot box dialog will appear, where you can add your notification/ reminder message to the customer/customers. 

On-demand SMS Notification Logs

Once an SMS notification has been created and sent successfully, to show if the SMS notification has either been DELIVERED or FAILED. A new log under the Booking’s History tab will be added.

Note: We do not add logs for when sending On-demand EMAIL notifications, as this feature uses email notifications outside of Nabooki.

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