Single & multiple bookings, what's the difference?

Single & multiple bookings, what's the difference?

Single bookings

If you offer individual appointments such as hair styling or private group golf lessons, in the
Service allows field select Single bookings 

Please keep in mind that you may accept more than 1 person per booking, but once a booking is made with your assigned staff or resource no additional bookings can be added as the service capacity is effectively set to 1.

You can check this by u
sing the left navigation menu, go to > Setup > Services > press the '...' button > Edit > General tab

Multiple bookings

If you offer group sessions where multiple individuals can make a booking, such as a fitness class, in the Service allows field select Multiple bookings. This will open up another field where you can enter the number of customers you will accept per session to increase the capacity beyond 1. 

Minimum quantity per booking -  This is the the least number of people required to be booked in one booking transaction.
Maximum quantity per booking -  This is the maximum number of spaces that a person can book in one booking transaction.
Maximum capacity -  This is the number of people that the service can accommodate in a defined time-slot.

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