How to enable, view, integrate and manage customer reviews

How to enable, view, integrate and manage customer reviews

Customer's feedback can be enabled and a request for feedback will be sent via email to the customer once the service is finished. This was created to see the feedback of customers on how they found the service or product. This can be used to help your business to improve its level of service.

Enable customer feedback

To enable customer feedback email, using the left navigation menu, go to > Setup > Notifications > Customer Notifications tab > tick the checkbox Send customer feedback email.

You can also set the time for feedback email.

Please make sure to hit Update to save changes made.

View customer feedback

If a customer answered a customer feedback email, you can find this by going to the left navigation menu, go to CRM > Reviews.

Alternatively, you can view feedback left by customer within your business email inbox.

Integrate customer reviews on website

To integrate reviews on a your website, using the left navigation menu, go to > CRM > Reviews > click on Reviews Widget button > Preview > get link on the web address bar as show on the image below.

Alternatively, using the left navigation menu, go to > Online Bookings > Website Integration > change Widget Type to Reviews Widget > Add the following code to your website.

The code required to add the Reviews Widget is an iframe.

If you have access to edit the content on your website using a Content Management System such as Wordpress, Wix or Weebly, you may be required to add a plugin to add the iframe code, otherwise, seek assistance from your web developer.

Manage Reviews

Feature a review (♥) - this heart button will allow you to mark a review as featured for it to standout among other reviews.

View Review - this will direct you to the booking ticket displaying the review left by customer.

To integrate featured reviews on a your website, using the left navigation menu, go to > Website Integration > select 'Reviews Widget' for Widget Type> on STEP 2, select Featured Reviews > Preview

Connect & Display Google Reviews

You can also display your business Google Reviews in this widget alongside Nabooki sourced reviews.

To learn more on this topic, please view our help centre article 'How to add your Google rating and reviews'.

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