SATC Booking Study - FAQs

SATC Booking Study - FAQs

About the Program

The study will run from 1st December 2022 to 31st March 2023, and will use the back-end technology that was put in place for the Great State Voucher program.

Operators who participated in Great State Voucher rounds 7 or 8 will be able to opt-in, using the same offering they listed for GSV 7 or 8. This is an organic study to help understand the behaviour of consumers on a daily basis – there are no additional marketing efforts required from your end.

What will it look like?

In a nutshell, the “book now” icon on your ATDW profile on will link through to the SATC’s booking platform so consumers will be able to book and pay for your product instantly. Your listing won’t look any different to the consumer – the study will simply measure the impact of the SATC’s marketing on generating bookings to operators. It will also rely on existing marketing; it is not a campaign in itself.

Important dates

Booking Dates: 1st December 2022 through to 31st March 2023
Travel Period: 1st December 2022 to 30th November 2023.

Is it compulsory to participate?

No it is optional and entirely up to you. 
This is an organic study to help understand the behaviour of consumers on a daily basis – there are no additional marketing efforts required from your end.

Is this a voucher program?

No this is not a voucher campaign, and consumers will not be required to provide a voucher number when making a booking.

Are there any costs involved with the study?

No there is no cost associated to opt-in to this study. It is commission-free.
You determine the price of your accommodation / experience - it is not a voucher program and no discounts are applied. 

Can I create new promotions?

No, the product itself needs to remain the same as the promotions used during the Great State Voucher rounds 7 and 8.
While the product itself needs to remain the same, you will have the ability to adjust the price.

What booking platforms does Nabooki integrate with?

Currently Nabooki only integrates with Rezdy booking software. If you work with Rezdy, bookings can automatically feed into your calendar. To fins out more about Rezdy integration please click here.
For those not working with Rezdy, a booking request can be sent for your acceptance allowing you to manage both booking systems.

What do I need to do to get involved?

Nabooki will contact you via email with everything you need to know to onboard and participate in this study.

ATDW profile

It’s important to note that your tour/experience/accommodation option being put forward will require a live ATDW profile to participate.
Please visit ATDW Support & Marketing Hub for further support.

Contact Nabooki Support

Phone: 08 7082 2060


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