How to confirm waitlist bookings

How to confirm waitlist bookings

Measuring your event's popularity can be important. When your event has sold out, use a waitlist to collect names of people still looking for tickets or to gauge the level of interest in case you have the capacity to upgrade your location or add additional session times.

You can  quickly identify schedules with an active waitlist that can be actioned if an existing booking cancels.

Please note the orange status indicator is for waitlist bookings and this requires manual approval from your end. When you receive a cancellation notification, you can access the Agenda section to identify waitlist bookings and then confirm bookings to reach capacity again. Businesses running close to capacity regular are recommended to create a daily process to check this section.

How to confirm waitlist bookings in Agenda

To confirm a waitlist request:
  1. Login to your Nabooki Dashboard
  2. From the left navigation menu, click Agenda
  3. From the Agenda view, you can identify waitlist bookings under Status column

        4. From the Action column, click View schedule button to display the booking ticket


5. Waitlist bookings will have a warning indicator,  press the '...' button to see actions > click Confirm Booking to confirm waitlist bookings. A notification will automatically be sent to the customer and the booking will now be marked as confirmed.

Check the available capacity and select the most suitable booking to confirm, the number of people in the booking is the number next to the name. 

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