How to Integrate Square

How to Integrate Square

Take full or partial prepayment when a customer places their booking using your Square account as your payment gateway. This article will go into detail with the setup instructions for enabling Square as a payment gateway option.

Square Developer Account

Step 1:

You need to have an existing Square account to use this integration. If you don’t have a Square account presently, you can create the account here.

The account needs to be activated in order to start receiving payments. If the account is not activated, you will see the following message on your dashboard.

Step 2:

Navigate to and create a new Application and add the Application Name.

You will be redirected to the Applications page, then click 'Open'.

On the top of the page, click on 'Production'. Then on the left-hand side menu, click 'Credentials' and note down your Application ID and Access Token.

On the same page, click 'Locations' and you will see your Location ID.

To complete the integration with Nabooki and Square, you will need the Application ID, Access Token and Locations ID.

Enabling Square as the Payment Gateway in your Nabooki Account

Login to your Nabooki Merchant account and use the left-hand side navigation menu to go to Setup > Online Payments > Payment Gateway. 

Select SQUARE from the Payment Gateway dropdown and select LIVE from the Environment dropdown. 

Populate the following input fields with the values from your Square Developer Account.
  1. Square APP ID (under Credentials)
  2. Square APP Access Token (under Credentials)
  3. Square APP Location ID (under Locations)
Click Update to save changes made.

After you have entered your Square Application ID, Access Token and Locations ID, you will need to enable each service/ promotion to accept online payments. 

To do this, please use the left-hand navigation menu to go to Setup > Services > press the '...' button > Edit > Booking Preferences tab > Set 'Accept online payments for this service' to 'YES' > Scroll down and press Update to save.

You will need to complete this process for each service/promotion. 

Contact Support 

Need assistance? Our dedicated support staff are here to help you. 

To create a support ticket, click here.
Live chat: Start a live chat with our customer support team by clicking on the '?' button in the lower right corner. 

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