How to change or cancel a booking

How to change or cancel a booking

Modifying or cancelling a booking is an often occurrence that when done can be set to notify or not notify the customer.

You can alter a booking by either navigating through the Calendar or by searching by name, mobile or booking id in the search box on the top right of the calendar.
Alternatively, you can go to CRM > Bookings > locate booking by searching name, mobile or booking id in the search box.

Changing a booking via Calendar

Search by name, mobile or booking ID

All matching results will be displayed, allowing you to click on the best match in order to display the session details.

Once the Cancel booking button has been clicked, a warning message will display that will allow you to add comments for customers or choose to not sent notifications when cancelling a booking.

Alternatively, directly click on the scheduled session to view bookings.

Click the Date/Time field and choose the new date and time for the booking, then hit Change booking button to update.

Changing a booking via CRM > Bookings

Based on the cancellation policy you define, customers can edit or modify their bookings by using the link provided in the confirmation email they receive.

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