How to prevent bookings for days that you are closed

How to prevent bookings for days that you are closed

You can use this feature to block out date when your business is closed for holidays or when you need to close during your regular hours. You can also block out bookings for a specific staff member if they are on vacation or unable to work. To use the blockout feature, go to your Calendar as shown below and select the day(s) that you want to block out.

To block out the location/entire business:

Navigate to Calendar > Click Blockout.  

A pop-up of the mini calendar will open. Simply highlight the desired date not to accept the booking and hit update.

Note: To view the videos below in full screen, click on the expand window button from the bottom of the player window, as shown below in the red box.

Note: In the video below, the business has two locations: Main Studio and Studio 2. In the same button, you can select which location to close off. Drop-down will only show if you have two or more locations in your account.

To unblock dates, click the blockout button again, then deselect the dates that have been blocked out. Then hit Update.

To block out the staff/resource :

Navigate to Calendar > Click Blockout > Click Staff/Resource Blockout Tab >Select Staff Name.

Note: Existing Location Blockouts display by default in the pop-up calendar to show that the location is already closed; therefore, there is no need to add a staff blockout.

Note: For those who have staff/resources that are assigned to both locations. Please be reminded that blocking the team will block out the whole day schedule of the staff for both locations, and it is advisable to use our busy time feature.


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