Stanley Street - User Guide

Stanley Street - User Guide

This article is a guide on how to prepare your business listing and offers for the Stanley Street marketplace. Please see the Table of contents to quickly locate relevant information.

Log in to Nabooki account

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Where to find promotions

Using the left navigation menu,  go to > Promotions Stanley Street.

How to update pricing

To update or change your pricing, using the left navigation menu, go to Promotions > Stanley Street > Press the '•••' button to the right of the corresponding offer > Edit General tab. Navigate to the price field, update the price and press Update.

Additional Discounts:
If you wish to offer an additional discount, we recommend using the 'Display as sale price'. This will allow you to show your RRP, and the price you're offering for the promotion.

How to add promotion image and description

Further details may need to be provided to your customer in the booking process through the addition of a text description and service image.

Using the left navigation menu, go to > Promotions > Stanley Street > Press the '•••' button > Edit > General tab > More details > Description and Image upload.

Please note that description must be added if image will be uploaded as image won't display if description field is blank.

How to change a booking type to either instant booking or booking request

Whenever a service is added, the "Booking type" can be redefined to be an Instant booking (the default selection) or a Booking request.

Selecting Instant bookings allows customers to book automatically on the available time slot within your booking tool.
Selecting Booking requests means you (the merchant) will receive an email asking you to accept or decline the booking requested by the customer.

Using the left navigation menu, go to > Promotions > Stanley Street> Press the '•••' button > Edit > General tab > View advanced settings Booking type.

How to change capacities

How to change capacities globally:
Please note that if there are multiple promotions, they will all share capacities.
If you need to increase or decrease the overall capacity, using the left navigation menu, go to > Setup > Services > Press the '•••' button beside 'Restaurant Reservation' > Edit > General tab.

How to change capacities of each promotions:
This is done on the Availability tab via Promotions Stanley Street Edit General tab.

How to change capacities for select days of the week (e.g. Saturdays):
This is done on the Availability tab via Promotions Stanley Street > Edit Availability tab.

It will update globally for all Saturdays avoiding any select dates you have fine-tuned on the Calendar.

How to change (fine-tune) capacities for individual dates:
Use the left navigation menu to go to Calendar > Select the date > Open the service > Press Edit Capacities > Adjust available capacities accordingly > Update

In the video below, it shows that capacity for 'Dinner' at 6pm, 26th of February, was changed from 30 to 25. If there is no availability for the entire time/day on a promotion, capacity needs to be set to zero.

How to add schedule

To add a new  schedule for a promotion, using the left navigation menu, go to > Setup > Services > Press the '•••' button beside 'Restaurant Reservation' > Edit > Availability tab > click your required schedule and hit 'Save'

For example, you would like to open Friday at 6pm for 'Dinner'.

Then go to Promotions > Stanley Street > Press the '•••' button > Edit > Availability tab > click the newly added schedule > change status to 'Active'.

How to change booking cut-off time, allowable cancellation time and booking time frame

Booking cut-off time and allowable cancellation time can be configured to suit the merchant's needs. 

Booking cut-off time - specify the time period before the booking time when you wish to stop accept online bookings. e.g. If set to 6 hours, customers won't be able to make a booking less than 6 hours beforehand. 

Allowable cancellation time - specify the time period prior to the booking commencement time that customers are allowed to change or cancel their booking. e.g If set to 48 hours, customers can cancel their booking not less than 48 hours prior to the appointment.

Booking time frame - specify how far in advance customer can book this service.

Using the left navigation menu, go to > Promotions > Stanley Street> press the '•••' button > Edit Booking Preferences tab.

How to setup online payments

You are able to take online payments from customers when they are making a booking.

A payment gateway is a server that is dedicated to linking websites and banks so that online credit card transactions can be completed in real-time.

To add a payment gateway, use the left menu to navigate to Setup Online Payments > PayPal tab > enable PayPal Integration > Activate PayPal. 

Below is a link with detailed instructions on how to integrate your PayPal account to Nabooki.

How to integrate PayPal to Nabooki

Ensure that you enable online payments on all promotions. Using the left navigation menu, go to Promotions > Stanley StreetPress the '•••' button to the right of the corresponding offer > Edit Booking Preferences tab. Navigate to the Payment Settings > Accept online payments for this service: "Yes"

How to block out certain dates

There are two options to blockout availability; the individual experience or the entire date.  

There is no need to block out dates beyond the dd/mm 2023. The offers end date automatically blocks any bookings beyond this date. 

If your business is fully booked, it is critical that you block out dates in advance to prevent bookings. This includes Public Holidays  (eg. Good Friday) 

To make blocking out dates more convenient, you can rename your resource to the name of the offer/experience type. For example; 'Table1' can be renamed to 'Lunch'.  

To block out all promotions for a particular day:
In your calendar, under  'Staff & Resources' select 'All Resources' > Press ' Blockout' > Select the dates you wish to blockout (Red= Blocked out/ White = Available) > Update

To block out a single promotion type:
In your calendar, under  'Staff & Resources' select the promotion you wish to blockout > Press 'Blockout' > Select the dates you wish to blockout (Red = Blocked out/ White = Available) > Update

Contact Support

Need assistance? Our dedicated support team for the Stanley Street marketplace is here to help you. 

Phone: 08 7082 2060
To create a support ticket, click here.
Live chat: Start a live chat with our customer support team by clicking on the live chat button in the lower right corner.